Welcome To Eriro Foundation

Eriro Foundation is an indigenous national Non- Government Organization (NGO) registered in Uganda. It was founded to respond to the challenges facing the fishing community in Uganda especially as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We focus on the most vulnerable.

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Message from the Founder

To our supporters and friends,

You are well aware that there are numerous challenges affecting fishing communities in Uganda. HIV/AIDS and its far reaching effects has had its toll to these communities; the devastating high number of orphans, sky rocketing levels of poverty, high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates, inaccessible healthcare, prostitution, child labor among others.

During the course of our work we have appreciated that our beneficiaries are endowed with inherent goodness and the potential for growth and our job is to tap into it by identifying with and working with them to reverse the current trend and enhance positive change and well- being hence our tag line “Empowering through Care.” With your support we can send more children in school, reduce the new HIV infections, reduce prostitution, improve livelihoods among individuals and families, and promote the awareness of Human Rights among other things.

It’s me and you that have got to stand out and fight to restore hope and dignity among the people in the fishing communities of Uganda because people in these communities deserve live happy and dignified lives. We thank God and all those who have joined us in this initiative. Your support of any kind makes a big difference.

Thank you all.
Kyambadde Samuel

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